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 Superhero MOD Short Guide

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PostSubject: Superhero MOD Short Guide   Superhero MOD Short Guide EmptyWed Jun 30, 2010 11:14 am


/help = it shows you every command and how it works
/clearpowers = clear all your heroes and let you choose again
/drop "Hero name" = it clears that hero power
/myheros = shows available hero powers
/playerlevels = shows you other players levels
/herolist = shows all heroes and lvl needed for beeing available to choose them
/showmenu = opens menu to choose heroes when you level up
/Playerskills = you ll see all players with lvl and heroes choosed

Binding Keys

There are hero powers (need binding) and automatic powers (dont need binding)...for using the hero powers you need to bind a key so next time you press that key you use that power:

You can use up to 3 hero powers so you may choose wisely (you can clear them of course but its boring Razz)

For binding type this in the console:

bind c +power1
bind x +power2
bind z +power3

(you may choose the key you want, change c to h if you want)


Well i dont know which are this server powers because i didnt play that server but here are all that i found:

1º-Anubis: you can see enemies HP and DMG
2º-Aquaman: you can breathe underwater as long as you want (Hero Power)
3º-Batman: it gives you random weapons
4º-Bomberman: you can leave bombs in the way and make it explode when you want (Hero Power)
5º-Capitan American: Super shield...it makes you invincible but it works randomly
6º-Deredevil: you see enemies aura (like wallhack)
7º-Dazzle: Near enemies are shown in the map
8º-Dracula: you can swap hp by killing others
9º-Flash: you run faster (Hero Power)
10º-Hobgoblin: auto HE grenade...when you use 1 another appears (Hero Power)
11º-Hulk: makes an earthquake (Hero Power)
12º-Human torch: Flame Thrower (Hero Power)
13º-Iron Man: You can fly but it uses your armour...but it autoregenerates (Hero Power)
14º-Kamakazee : you explode before 15 seconds (Hero Power)
15º-Mystique: you get an enemy suit (Hero Power)
16º-NightCrawler: You can go through walls (Hero Power)
17º-Spiderman: you can fly with spiderwebs (Hero Power)
18º-Superman: gives you gravity (Hero Power)
19º-Wind Talker: silent running...no steps can be heard (Hero Power)
20º-Wolverine: HP regeneration and Super knife
21º-Xavier: it detect hidden players using mystique or similar powers
22º-Agent (Matrix): teleports you near the enemy (Hero Power)
23º-Beast: HP 175 + 200 armour + Gravity + Speed
24º-Agente Zero: Better aiming
25º-Gambit: More powerfull HE Grenade
26º-Madness: You can use double weapon
27º-Goku: Armour Recovery (Hero Power)
28º-Gohans: HP Recovery (Hero Power)
29º-Poison Ivy: Poison shots
30º-Morpheus: Double Weapon
31º-Cyplope: Uses Power Rays (Hero Power)
32º-Phasing(Matrix): You can go through walls for 7 seconds
33º-Punisher: you dont need to recharge (it may damage your xp and lag the server)
34º-Gothens: Uses a Kamehameha (Hero Power)
35º-Pink black: Darkens all the map and only you can see (Hero Power)
36º-Mr Frezer: Freezes all the floor and all start sliping Razz (Hero Power)
37º-Rambo: Auto machinegun
38º-Casper: Makes you invicible and you choose when you die =](Hero Power)
39º-Mors: You transform into a box (Hero Power)
40º-Neo Reloading: It makes all slowly for 6 seconds (Hero Power)
41º-Zeus: Something with flames
42º-Phoenix: You revive but you cant move
43º-Chuki: You revive like Phoenix but you appear at your base
44º-Bass: Greeb Ray (Hero Power)
45º-Psyloke: You can see enemies form far away
46º-Scorpion: It makes you get instantly close to your enemy (Hero Power)
47º-Jubile: Red Nightvision (Hero Power)
48º-Invisible man: Invisibility for some seconds
49º-Dr Stronge: Like mystique but it also copies the weapon (Hero Power)
50º-Exodus: Telekinesis...really dont know wtf is this
51º-Fast man: Gives you a toxic cloud (Hero Power)
52º-Frieza : A disk that go through walls and kills who its touched by (Hero Power)
53º-Afterburn: Lesser ray than bass (Hero Power)
54º-Bishop: You swap energy
55º-Bazooka: Gives you letal missiles (Hero Power)
56º-Babgir: Red Spiderweb (Hero Power)
57º-Cola lover: You get faster while beeing shooted
58º-Darth Manuak: Event list
59º-Demolition man: Total Destruction (Hero Power)
60º-Dr Doom: Sounds that kill enemies(Hero Power)
61º-Blink: You can teleport (Hero Power)
62º-Alien: Green Nightvision
63º-Usmarine: Transforms M4 in a ulimited ammo gun
64º-Santa Clous: Santa suit + Ulimited ammo AK47 + HP + Armour
65º-Pirates: Pirate Suit + Ulimited ammo Shotgun + HP + Armour
66º-Jaws: You throw a tiburon that kills everyone in front (Hero Power)
67º-Antman: You get little for 10 seconds (Hero Power)
68º-Neo: You can fly and get faster + Neo suit(Hero Power)
69º-Sepirock: Get a powerfull expansive Ray (Hero Power)
70º-Naruto: You get a razor blade
71º-Colossus 200 HP + 500 Armour (Hero Power)
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PostSubject: Re: Superhero MOD Short Guide   Superhero MOD Short Guide EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 10:54 am

thx sunny
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PostSubject: Re: Superhero MOD Short Guide   Superhero MOD Short Guide EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 6:10 pm

nice sunny!
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PostSubject: Re: Superhero MOD Short Guide   Superhero MOD Short Guide Empty

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Superhero MOD Short Guide
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