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 Counter Strike 1.6 : Weapons

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PostSubject: Counter Strike 1.6 : Weapons   Counter Strike 1.6 : Weapons EmptyWed Jun 30, 2010 11:12 am

When we talk about network games at the moment is undoubtedly Counter Strike comes to everyone's lips. All around the world, we can not count the number of lan party or simultaneous players for this game and it becomes common to leave a game against the Internet because that team is too professional.
This guide, if you do become a "Pro-gamer" you would probably be an attempt to list as much information about this game phenomenon that finally you are ridiculous.


Even if the weapons are pretty well balanced, we realize that these are almost always has the same weapons used by the big players. From a general point of view (a bit of biology does not hurt anyone clasped), one can say that the most sensitive areas of the body are in order, head, throat, trunk, arms and legs. Thus we could already give advice as to target the throat for maximum damage. Indeed, trends in weapons with a sustained firing to step back, a shot that begins in the throat will end in the head (this might be called the double effect Kiss K # # #) . The headshot is noticed in Counterstrike, simply whit any weapon, such firing quickly lead your opponent to a certain death. Other notes in this little preamble, shooting in the legs is virtually useless in the final version of Counter Strike, a shot of this type with certain weapons does not entail death.


We can affirm that now, guns are not the weapons of choice for players of Counterstrike and in the second round of a game, he did find a single player who deign to travel with a vulgar Berreta in hand.

USP .45 Tactical
Damage: 16.9
Firing rate (cps): 3.5
Price: $ 500
Pros: has a silencer
Cons: too limited firepower

Glock 18
Damage: 9.5
Firing rate (cps): 3.5
Price: $ 400
Pros: high rate of fire in semi-automatic
Cons: too limited firepower

Desert Eagle
Damage: 39
Firing rate (cps): 3.5
Price: $ 650
Pros: extensive damage to a gun
Cons: low capacity charger

Sig P228
Damage: 19
Firing rate (cps): 4.4
Price: $ 600
Pros: High Rate of Fire

FN Five-Seven
Damage: 25
Firing rate (counts per second): 1.3
Price: $ 750
Pros: good accuracy
Cons: low power

Berreta Elite
Damage: 29
Firing rate (counts per second): 1.3
Price: $ 1,000
Pros: great looks
Cons: expensive and low precision

The shotguns

Benelli M3 Super 90 Combat
Damage: 8x11 (up to 8 particles in one shot)
Firing rate (counts per second): 1.3
Price: $ 1,700
Pros: cheap and powerful in close combat
Cons: ridiculous long distance

Benelli xm1014
Damage: 6x11 (up to 6 particles in a single pulls)
Firing rate (counts per second): 1.6
Price: $ 3,000
More: rate important for a shotgun, powerful in close combat
Cons: Slow reload

The light machine guns (SMG's)

MP5 Navy
Damage: 13
Firing rate (cps): 13.3
Price: $ 1500
Pros: good weapon to do everything, with low recoil and cheap
Cons: low power

H & K UMP .45
Damage: 16.9
Firing rate (cps): 12
Price: $ 1,700
Pros: more power than the MP5 and still cheap, good precision
Disadvantages: recharge time high

Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol (TMP)
Damage: 10
Firing rate (counts per second): 14.3
Price: $ 1,250
Pros: has a quiet, inexpensive and high rate of fire
Cons: low accuracy

Damage: 14
Firing rate (cps): 13
Price: $ 1,400
Pros: extensive damage in close combat
Cons: low accuracy at medium range

FN P90
Damage: 15
Firing rate (cps): 15
Price: $ 2,350
Pros: large charger
Cons: Slow reload (3.5 seconds)

The rifles

Damage: 39
Firing rate (cps): 10.5
Price: $ 2500
Pros: powerful, cheap and through things
Cons: poor accuracy and significant decline in long-range burst

Colt M4A1 Carbine
Damage: 28
Firing rate (counts per second): 11.4
Price: $ 3,100
Pros: has a quiet, high damage, through things (doors and crates)
Cons: limited accuracy in burst mode

Sig SG-552 Commando
Damage: 24
Firing rate (cps): 12.1
Price: $ 3,500
Pros: through things for
Cons: significant decline

Steyr Scout Sniper Rifle
Damage: 61
Firing rate (counts per second): 0.8
Price: $ 2,750
Pros: cheap and low loading times
Cons: low frequency firing

AI Arctic Warfare Magnum
Damage: 200
Firing rate (cps): 0.5
Price: $ 4,750
Pros: kills in a row, through walls
Cons: useless in close combat

H & K Sniper Rifle G3/SG-1
Damage: 48
Firing rate (cps): 4
Price: $ 5,000
Pros: high rate of fire for a sniper rifle, through walls
Cons: very expensive and important cooldown

Sig SG-550 Sniper
Damage: 39
Firing rate (counts per second): 1.5
Price: $ 4,200
Pros: 30 round magazine
Cons: expensive and important cooldown

Steyr Aug
Damage: 24
Firing rate (counts per second): 1
Price: $ 3,500
Pros: very precise zoom mode
The Bad: low zoom (1.4x)

The heavy machine gun

Damage: 26
Firing rate (counts per second): 1
Price: $ 5,750
Pros: 100 rounds per magazine, sound impressive through walls
Cons: expensive, low accuracy and reloading time important
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Counter Strike 1.6 : Weapons Empty
PostSubject: Re: Counter Strike 1.6 : Weapons   Counter Strike 1.6 : Weapons EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 11:00 am

thnx bro
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PostSubject: Re: Counter Strike 1.6 : Weapons   Counter Strike 1.6 : Weapons EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 6:11 pm

nice sunny!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Counter Strike 1.6 : Weapons   Counter Strike 1.6 : Weapons EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 6:19 pm

nice!! bohot ala!![wow][/wow]
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Counter Strike 1.6 : Weapons Empty
PostSubject: Re: Counter Strike 1.6 : Weapons   Counter Strike 1.6 : Weapons Empty

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Counter Strike 1.6 : Weapons
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