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Stop using hacks or you will get banned permamently



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DhT RuLez [MUST READ] Empty
PostSubject: DhT RuLez [MUST READ]   DhT RuLez [MUST READ] EmptyFri Jun 18, 2010 9:41 pm

Hello and Salam to all

Here i can explain you some main rules for our clan that must be follow by all
users and if you will not then you will be simply kick ,

1. First of all we need a behavior of players , if miss behave with any user abuse/call a false name etc
you will be warned first and if you continue your these activities then you will be kicked from clan.
Please respect your elders and youngsters ,, Thanks

2. You will be not qualifiy for matches immediately if you have joined a clan yesterday .
we want an impressive team with high level skills players , im not asking about aim,
if i ask about simple aiming and game i think all are pro's in fy snow ?
skill means your telent of playing , stredegy , balancing , leading , guides, tricks and timing.

3. Joining today to leave tommorrow will not be accepted , You must have one clan player
or if you are newbie then you will be in training mode for 7 to 8 months,

4. Dont argue with senior Members Specially with clan lord , your single argue will be
result in kick.

5. If you are playing for time pass and for only fun plz dont join our clan,

6. Every one have to do practise with clan lord/captain and main members to make your self perfect.

7. You must have to learn these maps De_dust2, de_inferno, de_train , de_Nuke

[Orignal Rulez posted by SuNny]
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DhT RuLez [MUST READ] Empty
PostSubject: Re: DhT RuLez [MUST READ]   DhT RuLez [MUST READ] EmptySat Jun 19, 2010 9:05 am


w0w w0w Shocked
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