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Stop using hacks or you will get banned permamently

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 Forum rules

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PostSubject: Forum rules   Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:23 pm

1) Forum rules:

Post in the Appropriate Forum Section.
When posting a thread,make sure you state your problem or description clearly.
Do not abuse REP or THANKS function
Do not spam - Example: lol,adasdasd234,nc,tq,ty,gj
Do not abuse any forum errors / glitches / bugs / exploits
Do not use 't3h 133t 5p33ch' and 'yo bro ril gansta spich k' and 'jEjEmOhN sZpEaCHz'
Do not be racist and do not discriminate others (especially EMOs and BISEXUALs)
No Flaming - Come on,don't be a kid and flame others.
No Bumping old threads or dead threads.
No CAPS – Come on,typing in CAPS are just for kids.
-also applies in chatbox
No Inappropriate Content /Nudity –18 Images,videos are not allowed.
-also applies in chatbox
Do not use inappropriate avatars and signatures.
No Reposting of Deleted Threads – If it is posted,you will get a WARN.
No Irrelevant Advertising - Advertising other sites is strictly not allowed! (there are exceptions)
-also applies in chatbox
No Referral links - Example: Linkbucks, bux.to
-also applies in chatbox
Do not post viruses,malicious tools,harmful files.
-also applies in chatbox
Do not make more than 1 account. - No multiple accounts!
Obey the rules or face Banhammer!

moderators who are not active in the forums will be demoted
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Forum rules
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